DOWNLOADS for the big game

As a courtesy, you are welcome to our spotter charts for the Big Game.

Use these for your game prep, or among friends watching the game – just no commercials uses, please.

There are two Super Bowl spotter charts to choose from above — a one-page version, and a two-page version.

They are intended to be printed double-sided, but you can also print them single-sided.

Here are general print instructions for 11x17 tabloid-size, 100# cover stock, but you may use any paper size or weight:

  • in color, on one sheet of 11x17 white card/cover stock, preferably 100#, matte finish – not glossy; and
  • double-sided on long edge so when flipped head-to-toe, top-to-bottom you can still read text upright – like a calendar.

— OR —

Depending on the number of pages, take your retrieval code into any FedEx Office location in the USA:

  • 1-page chart – 73B617E
  • 2-page chart w/ player notes – 32CB269

(Simply ask the FedEx Office staff to print it for you, following the print instructions included w/ the files. You pay print/copy costs.)

From Tony Britt,
(919) 280-6013