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We have provided spotter charts / game boards to sports media since 2005. We strive for “Consistent accuracy, alway on time.” For samples of all 2016 charts, including NFL & all CFB bowl games, please follow this link: Client Drop Box

OVERVIEW – Our Product & Service

  • THE CHART – Includes player bios, team & individual statistics, head coaches & assistants. With blank lines provided for you own notes under each player/position provided, this is meant to be your personal cheat sheet, to eliminate the need for anything else in your hands during the broadcast. Best used when printed on 11″ x 17″ cardstock, front & back. About half choose one-page & half chose two-page layouts, often customized & a duplicate for your spotter.
  • DELIVERY – Typically three days prior to game date, but earlier by request using previous week’s depth chart. PDF files are sent directly to you, or to a local copy center of your choice (e.g., FedEx Office, UPS Store, Staples, Office Depot Minuteman Press, Go Postal, PakMail) w/ a BCC e-mail to you as well so you know it’s on the way. Print instructions are simple & straightforward.  You pay copy costs out-of-pocket at pick-up, typically $5-$10.
  • BILLING – We currently bill all ESPN networks, most Fox networks, IMG/Univ. Washington, Root Sports & the Big Ten Network. Corporate rates are slashed when announcers must pay out of pocket. Full-season rates available w/ prepayment. Single-game invoices sent mid-season & season’s end. Satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free!
  • QUALITY – “Consistent accuracy” is our goal. Your credibility on-air is our top priority. But we are human & therefore imperfect, so we implore you to double-check any and all information. I personally preview every single chart before it is delivered. We alert you ASAP whenever we discover an error on a chart that went out. As our Big Fish says, “The devil is in the detail.”
  • SOURCES – Our sources are school/team website rosters for player bios, NCAA.org & NFL.com exclusively for statistics, gambling websites for injury updates & various sports/news websites.
  • BEYOND DEPTH CHARTS – Our software identifies all players w/ season statistics, not just those on the depth chart, so you get more defenders & offensive skilled positions you are likely to see.
  • NOTES – All WRs are grouped together for quick reference. FBs, RBs, TEs & WRs can be in numerical or depth-chart order. True freshmen have pink backgrounds; injured stars gray. Team stats rankings among the best are green, among the worst pink. Individual stats include last game (L) & season (S), w/ career (C) only on two-pagers, which also include high/previous schools. We avoid duplication & squeeze in 3rd- & 4th-string defenders w/ DBs, LBs or DL, but not further specific to positions. All charts include head coach, coordinators & assistants; two-pagers will include head coach & coordinator bios beginning 2016.



“Special” means the chart is tailored to that specific announcer’s request from our standard charts.

  1. 1-page PxP Standard – bios, team & individual stats, coaches are included on all charts. Sample #1
  2. 2-page Standard – bios include previous schools & provide more blank space. Sample #2
  3. 1-page Analyst Standard – special team back-ups are eliminated; defense only goes to 3rd string. Sample #3
  4. 1-page Kanell Special – Danny prefers his QBs to the far left instead of under center. Sample #4
  5. 1-page Boiman Special – Rocky likes the Kanell Special, but prefer it reduced to 85% for wider margins. Sample #5
  6. 1-page Brown Special – Coach Mack also likes the Kanell Special, but prefers it scaled up to fit 12″ x 18″ card stock.
  7. 1-page Griese Special – Brian prefers all offensive skilled positions in depth chart order, instead of numeric order.
  8. 1-page Diaz-Infante Special – David prefers WRs on the left & TEs on the right, does not want any specialists & likes lots of lined boxes for his own notes.
  9. 2-page Galloway Special – Joey prefers no specialists, too.
  10. 2-page Rosinski Special – Bill likes for kickoff specialists to be duplicated on the defensive side of the chart.  Tony Caridi Sample
  11. 2-page Becht Special – Anthony prefers no lined boxes on the defensive sides.
  12. 2-page Bestwick Special – Allen prefers TEs on the right, between RTs & WRs. Allen Bestwick Sample
  13. 2-page Hutchinson Special – Steve prefers extra lines for O-Linemen.
  14. 2-page Ware Special – Andre prefers depth chart order, TEs right & all WRs split. He also prefers CBs up on the line of scrimmage. Andre Ware Sample
  15. 2-page Wischusen Special – Bob prefers the offense on the top page & the defense on the bottom page.
  16. 2-page Neely Special – Mark prefers a numeric layout. Mark Neely Sample

Most announcers prefer their charts printed front & back, while some prefer single-sided copies.



Tony Britt Spotter Charts began out of necessity in 2005. As a talent statistician with ESPN since 1986, Tony offered to create spotter charts for PxP Pam Ward, who was tired of hand-written, mistake-filled charts arriving late in the week. In the 2015 season, we will have delivered more than 900 charts to 60+ national, regional & team announcers at 700+ NFL, CFB & HS games.

“Tony, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this past season. I really believe I’ve gotten better as a PxP because of your brilliant charts. I hope we can keep this collaboration going for many more years to come! Sincerely,

– Marc (Kestecher, ESPN Radio, Jan. 4, 2016)

“Thanks Tony.  And for the record, I’m always satisfied, and better yet, I’m always impressed with your timing and delivery.  I really appreciate the promptness and professionalism you provide our ESPN group.  Thanks a ton, and Have a Merry Christmas!”

– Tom (Ramsey, ESPN, Dec. 19, 2015)


Thank you for the opportunity to serve.